Choices for change featuring

The NLP Coaching Advantage

A Change of State, Changes Everything


The NLP Coaching Advantage

A Change of State Changes Everything


The New Code NLP Difference

Your goal’s, hopes, and dreams for a better, more exciting, adventurous, and abundant life begin with your intention. When we set out to achieve and realize our goals, there can be unintended consequences that impact whether or not we accomplish our goals. In the event we become discouraged or overwhelmed with the demands of everyday life, our motivation and effort to attain or achieve what we want can challenge the most motivated individual.  Sustaining one’s resolve and commitment to continue the pursuit of our goals and dreams can be overrun when our resourcefulness and resilience is in short supply which can stop us in our tracks.

Coaching services can be the “difference that makes the difference” in helping you to recharge, refocus, and become inspired to pursue what matters most to you, your future, and your loved ones. New Code NLP is a process-oriented approach in helping you to:  
necessary personal change to ignite the power of your current capabilities, as well as propel you in developing new possibilities.

Content-oriented methods may help you in that you are encouraged and recharged, however this can be short-lived. Additionally, you can become reliant upon the coach or consultant to continue with infusions of “encouragement”. New Code NLP is process-based and therein lies The NLP Coaching Advantage, Internally-driven, Generative in design, and based on the internally driven capacities realizing your most important goals and dreams!

New Code NLP1 is a revolutionary approach for achieving personal change that utilizes one’s natural grace, coordination, and speed via specially designed “games” that facilitate behavior shifts in a rapid, elegant and enjoyable manner.  Games such as the Alphabet game, the Croydon ball game, NASA, and Breath of Life take advantage of physiological processes that create optimal, high-performance states that generate necessary or vital “resources” for new, more effective choices. In turn, you can realize your desired outcomes in personal, relationship, career and business contexts.

New Code NLP1 originated by John Grinder and Associates

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Choices For Change bringing you the NLP Coaching Advantage to Ignite High Performance Learning & Creative Solutions to Overcome Challenges

Overcome Challenges

  • Hesitance
  • Indecision
  • Uncertainty
  • Fear
  • Too little motivation

Achieve "Success" in

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Emotional Well-Being
  • Desired Goals
  • Social Engagement


  • Happiness
  • Enjoyment & Excitement
  • Confidence
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Calmness & Ease

Will you Begin Now?

Resolve Problems - Overcome Challenges - Develop Resources - Empower your Capability

Edward Olvera

4 decades of experience partnering with and advocating with Individuals in making Personal Changes to Develop and Enrich and Motivate Emotional - Communication - Skill-Building to achieve Desired Goals. My approach is to utilize creative collaboration to empower you to be your "Best You".


New Code Experiential Intensive

In a relatively rapid, delightfully challenging way, the Player of New Code games experiences a transformation that makes accessible specific, new choices in the circumstances identified for personal change. The availability of new possibilities is experienced spontaneously in the challenging situation. The New Code format engages each player’s optimum coordination, balance, and rhythm with minimal effort to create physiological states that inspire and empower new alternatives in the identified scenario.

New Code NLP harnesses High-Performance States, or the physiology of “Peak Performance” in combination with your underlying Intention while accelerating the development of, and access to attainable, more powerful options in circumstances where you want to be more skilled, proficient, and capable in attaining your desired goals.  The New Code approach shifts the the change process to "auto-pilot" to help you capture needed "inner-resources" and new behaviors.  New Code Games activate important circuitry while sidestepping past personal history, and igniting imaginative and superb options to be your very Best when it matters most!

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Consider Scheduling A Session

Identify a context….circumstance…….situation that might involve conflict, indecision, avoidance or strong emotional reactions that interferes with…..undermines……preempts or blocks you from being effective in getting the results or outcome you want.  We can help Guide you to Build Momentum and Take Charge of Your Journey into A Future You Want Most!  Learn to harness the process of change.


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